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Bags for Top Entry Filters - Dimensions and Retention for Stocked Bags

HD Process supplies top entry filter bags in various materials which come in a wide range of retentions compatible with most commercial bag filter housings in the market (GAF, EATON and SEFAR interchangeable).

These have been manufactured by computer-aided processes of seam welding and fibre -free finish, commonly using triple stitching to ensure reliable filtration across a range of conditions. HD Process filter bags exhibit high filtration performance and extended life time without media migration or bypass. Customized bag filters are also available to meet different requests in various applications.

Our stock range includes;

  • A variety of bags in sizes 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • With retention ratings for NYLON bags from 30 micron up to 1500 micron (1.5 mm)
  • And retention ratings for FELT bags from one micron up to 600 micron.

See also infomation on BASKETS and TORPEDOES


  • #2 filter baskets L= 730mm D= 170mm, #1 Filter L= 400mm D= 170mm
  • #2 filters have inferred hold-up volume of approximately 17 L (a torpedo will reduce this number) and inferred surface area of 0.4 m²
  • #1 filters are approximately half of surface areas and volume of #2 filters (8L and 0.2 m² respectively)
  • The filters baskets can be used with double bag, single bag and no bag
  • Perforated plates normally provide a 30 to 40% open area. Wedgewire baskets commonly provide a 40% open area.
  • Mesh grid type baskets would typically provide an open area in excess of 50 percent.

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