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Sock Filters (In Line)

HD Process supply sock filters are designed to mount in a triclover clamp.

Stock filter sizes normally from 1” to 4” with lengths 40mm and 1500mm as standard.

Elastomers are normally EPDM, Nitrile or PTFE

Retentions from 2mm down to 40 microns (equates to 10 mesh (gauge) through to 325 mesh) - see photo attached showing standard retentions for the range

*These filters should be regularly inspected (eg by mounting in a sight glass). They are relatively light weight mesh compared to other filtration types in the HD Process range and they can be ruptured if blocked.  These are best to be considered a consumable product.  - Photo attached of a sock filter mounted in an inline sight glass.

** See also our flat screen filters (screen gaskets)

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