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Auger Fed Pump Options - Progressive Cavity Pumps

HD process provide auger feed to a variety of the pumps shown here. 

Specifically CSF's  'M' series pumps have a series of options for auger feed. In some cases these are kept off-the-shelf.

Typical set ups include single auger, double auger feed, double auger feed with breaker (or cutter).

  1. Some of our customers have started off with e.g. double auger feed, but have added a cutter/breaker to the upper section of the feed to keep product flowing into the trough adequately.
  2. If required this cutter/breaker can be relatively simply re-engineered after delivery – using a (slow) fixed speed geared drive running with a suitable auger device mounted in the upper section of the hopper.
  3. With all of these types of feeds it is important to consider personal protection for staff (to stop users eg; being able to get their hands into the auger area)

If you've got a particularly difficult product it may be useful to compare it with some of the products we've worked with in the video link section which is appended below.

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