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Peristaltic Pumps

HD Process Boyser peristaltic pumps provide positive displacement volumetric pumps with unique features and benefits with excellent characteristics as dosing pumps, suction and lift pumps, can be run dry and are fully reversible.

Peristaltic pumps provide excellent pumping solutions for specific applications -  especially when the product being pumped is particularly abrasive, corrosive or viscous. Their lack of valves, seals and glands makes them inexpensive to maintain and the main maintenance item is the hose or tube.

• Suction lift to 9m, can be run dry without damage, seal-less and reversible

• Particularly useful for dosing applications and pumping abrasive products

• Available in a wide range of sizes from just a few litres /hr to more than 20,000 l/hr, Boyser peristaltic pumps are trouble free, silent and easy to clean

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