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Plunger Filters (Bernoulli Effect)

HD Process plunger filters are designed for continuous filtration of water on pressurized systems. These filters removes debris and particles from waters such as sea water, river water and the circulating cooling water. The plunger utilises the Bernoulli effect which allows the plunger to lift weights particles off the Wedgewire filter screen in order to keep this clear. The filters can be purged using a plc control timer or pressure sensor.


Simple and reliable structure with only two moving parts (clean disc and flushing valve), non-contact cleaning, no particle extrusion out of the filter screen, efficient filtration, low and consistent pressure drop (even < 11KPa) both when clean and dirty, very low working pressure requirement down to 30KPa, wide flow rate range from 30 t0 8000 m3/ h through single filter, with filtration degree ranging from 150 from 2000μm, no filtration interruption when self-cleaning, easy installation in horizontal or vertical position.

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