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Lenticular Filter Media - interchangeable with PALL, Satorius, Domnick Hunter

HD process supply a range of lenticular and cartridge inserts  (stocked in New Zealand). These are interchangeable with existing cartridges from other filtration suppliers including Pall, Sartorius, Domnick Hunter, Seitz, and Scott.

Zeta Plus™ H Series Filter Cartridge

High wet-tensile strength filter media withstands multiple steaming and hot water sanitization cycles

Extended filter life provides high throughputs, fewer change-outs and reduced operating costs over conventional plate and frame filters

Depth filtration and electrokinetic adsorption provide efficient haze and particle reduction at micron ratings smaller than the mechanical rating alone

See the associated screen grabs associated with this product range including;

  •  Excellent depth filtration - Recommended filter grades for cleaning up hazes, sediments, yeasts and bacteria to achieve course filtration, polishing, and ultra fine filtration.
  • The improved effect of electro kinetics for these filters (versus mechanical straining only)
  • Expected flow rates for a given filter aperture/grade

Available in 8”, 12” and 16” diameters.
• Washable under certain conditions, resulting in higher
filtration life
• No filter sheet deformities after heat treatment
• No adverse effects to filter sheets when in contact with hot (up to 80C) sanitization or process filtration
• Increased filtration security separator design increases the total stability of the filter cartridges as the separators fully support the sheet material 

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