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645 range Pressure Relief Valves (TANK TOPS)

HD Process supply the Tassalini range of PRVs for protection of tanks from both over-pressure and vacuum from pumping or during CIP (eg related to thermal expansion and contraction.)

These include the 645BNZ type (PRVs with RJT connections), 645L ((PRVs with RJT connections), K64VP (tank top breather with Tri clover connection and (adjustable) spring setting to maintain positive pressure).

All of the ‘64’ ranges including the K64VP have a low pressure relief on vacuum. The 645 types have a (low) fixed relief on positive pressure.

• Sizes from 1¼” to 4”

• Flowrates up to 160,000 l/h

• K64VP offers adjustable set pressure to relieve and is ideal for tanks under pressure such as beer tanks

• 645BNZ available in sizes from 2” to 4” female RJT connections (Also available in 1½” to 2½” butt weld connections as 645L)

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