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Rotosolver - with High Shear Impeller for Dispersing, Dissolving and Emulsifying in one unit

HD Process supply the Rotosolver. This unit provides the most innovative technology for producing superior liquid/liquid or solid/liquid dispersions, or for dissolving or hydrating

powders and solids within liquids for 100% utilization. The Rotosolver optimizes the balance between shear rates, particle size reduction, and flow/circulation within your mixing kettle or tank.

The Rotosolver top-entry batch mixer offers key benefits including:

• High-intensity optimum shear

• One-piece clean-in-place (CIP) mix head

• Meets 3-A sanitary standard #73-01 and USDA-AMS standards

• Single shaft, obstruction-free design

• All stainless mix head, shaft, drive and motor available

• Optional secondary impellers

• 100% dissolving, hydrating or suspension

• Lab models and production sizes up to 100 HP

• Conventional low-speed agitators provide very good results when mixing

• similar miscible liquids. High speed saw toothed dispersers are utilized

• effectively for particle size reduction, or for long residence time dispersions.

• Where very high shear rates are not detrimental to a process, fixed

• stator/rotor high shear mixers are commonly employed.

The Rotosolver provides;

1. High intensity agitation including top to bottom

2. High particle size reduction

3. Viscoity up to 50,000 cP

4. Works with dispersible immiscible fluids

5. Fully dissolves powder into liquids

6. No wearing parts in the product zone

7. Able to be CIP ed

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