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Honey Loosener/ Honey Pricker

This unit is available in both manual and semi automatic versions. The semi automatic honey loosener operates at 4-5 frames per minute, while the manual unit operates at around 2-3 frames per minute. Plastic needles are used to pierce the cells and the loosener is equipped with scraping plates to remove wax remnant every time the needles are pulled back.

The user loads a single frame and presses the start button. The loosener will pierce the same frame a number of times (this is pre-set by the user) to maximise the piercing effect. Once completed the frame is releases and the user lifts out the loosened frame to the load the next unit.

• European-designed honey loosener, particularly suited to manuka honey. 

• Will loosen 4-5 frames per minute with precision and minimal damage to the comb. 

• Available with optical laser sensor, to start the pricking process as soon as a frame is presented.

Please also see our Honey Equipment Guide which can be downloaded from the 'Download Brochures' section in the tabs above. Please let us know if you would like reference sites for this item or any of our other honey equipment.

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