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CIP - Automatic Systems, Static

HD Process supply mounted automatic CIP (Clean in Place) systems.

These systems can be supplied with multiple tanks system (water, alkali and acid) depending on customer requirements with various available tank sizes.

See example CIP recipe ( in this case 18-40 minutes with 3-5 minute cycles). Eg order of process - alkali wash, intermediate washing, acid pickling and final water wash

Pumps have 2.2 kW for small systems and range up to 7.5 kW for some larger ones. Generally it is recommended for target pump heads of 1.5 bar and greater. Flow rate is largely dependent on pipe diameter. Ideally flow should be achieving around 2 m/s through pipe systems. Sprayball's are sized and positioned for optimal cleaning effect.

3 tank system spec includes;

Example system spec includes;

3 x cleaning fluid storage tanks along with piping and distribution.

PLC with touch screen interface and multiple recipes

Booster pump, recirculation pumps, acid-base metering pump

Plate heat exchanger with temperature controller

Instrumentation includes, electrical conductivity sensors, temperature sensors and liquid level sensors

Pneumatic control valves

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