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Variable Speed Drives - SEW LTEB Weatherproof Type

HD Process supply a variety of variable speed drives (VSD’s) . Our standard approach provides a simple off-the-shelf solution for weatherproof drives using the IP66 LTEB version SEW drive. This unit has proved to be robust in the field including in many outdoor environments at wineries and various factories along with other heavy duty installations.

HD Process still supply variable speed drives in weatherproof housings. The advantage the IP66 unit is it reduces duplication in controls (potentiometer, forward reversed switches et cetera will need to be duplicated on the box face along with wiring these components give an additional point of failure for the variable speed drive.). The IP66 VSD is simple to swap out or change and is fully intuitive for the use.

This unit provides the ability to add controls, including;

  • photo electrics for hopper filling
  • product contact sensors for pump control
  • pressure switches (often mounted in tees at the exit port of pumps)

The programming guide and some quick user parameters are attached for this unit here.

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