Specialists in sanitary process equipment

Suitable for wine, juice, dairy, honey, and any other FMCG product requiring gentle concentration and dealcoholisation, at low temperatures.  

The benefits of using such a system are:-

Very low processing temperatures (no organoleptic alterations in the product).

Protection of the aromas.

Recovery of alcohol in a single step.

Concentration of the product.

Greater operational flexibility.

Fully automatic operation.

Great reliability.

Concentrations up to 65-70° Bx.

No thermic damage thanks to the low temperatures of concentration (+20/24°C) and to the extremely rapid process.

Long production times.

Only electricity needed for plant operation (the concentrator is equipped with an own Heat Pump/Refrigeration unit for its correct functioning).

Evaporation capacity from 100 to 1’000 liters/hour.

Completely automated control with supervision.

Compact and robust design.

Easy and quick installation on production’s site with very short commissioning times.

User friendly.


Milk/Dairy industry (milk, yoghurt, serum, etc.).

Beverages (juices, fruit concentrates, tea).

Wine industry (self-enrichment of grapes must, dealcoholisation of must).

Special products (honey, essences, gum arabic, vegetable extracts).

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