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Bolondi - adjustable height trolley option (retractable head)

As well as the standard Bolondi barrel blaster trolley, HD process produce an adjustable height trolley to allow users to get into any sized bung from underneath. This trolley can also operate with the long stemmed Bolondi which provides up to around 500 mm insertion into the barrel.

Barrel racks can come in different configurations and it is useful to have the Bolondi well inserted in the barrel Generally minimum height is around 230 mm from floor to the bottom of the bung hole. This unit will allow the user to take the entry point up to around 600 mm from the floor or any height between.

See video below for how the height is simply and easily changed.

The adjustable trolley is designed to overcome issues where there are variations in the rack height to the bung. Many barrel racks are around 240 mm from the floor. Some customers have 300 mm plus rack heights. The adjustable trolley will overcome issues getting the standard head properly inserted.

The maximum insertion length for a standard length Bolondi head is 160 mm. If the head is cleaning too close to the bung hole this can damage or did grade the wood around the bung. Additionally this may reduce the impact cleaning at the far edges of the barrel. Therefore it's best to get the head nearer to centre of the barrel if at all possible.

Additionally To improve the insertion length of very large barrels HD Prpcess provide a longer stemmed unit which has an effective maximum insertion of 500 mm.

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