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Cadalpe Macchine Enologiche Spa Beverage process equipment

Cadalpe machines incorporate efficiency and cutting edge technology that over the years have met the needs of several different areas, such as wine making, distilling, many types of beverages, fruit juice, cooking oil, dairy products and other industrial uses. The company’s distinguishing feature is not only customized design but also the supply of an integrated work cycle involving selected raw materials bought in directly, assembly and the final approval stage.


Products Beer

Cadalpe’s long experience has led to the production of a range of effective reliable equipment fitted with parts exclusive to us for turnkey solutions with great performance. All producers will find the ideal solution to their problems, not only due to the vast choice of models, but also to the different possibilities studied by our expert engineers and the optional systems we can offer for additional processes.


Products Distilled Drinks

Our distillation lines are constantly updated with exclusive solutions, some of which patented by our company, which will achieve end products of guaranteed superior quality. Throughout Europe and the world producers of brandy, grappa and spirits made from grapes or fermented fruit know they can count on our vast experience and complete cooperation to install facilities wherever needed.


Products Industry & Beverage

Industry takes advantage of Cadalpe’s competence in several different areas: food, chemicals and pharmaceutics, confident that the quality, technology and reliability of our products will ensure the success of their industrial processes. Well-known on the world scene for our wine-making equipment, we have for many years provided caring expert cooperation that offers know-how and the most up-to-date technologies for customized processes and special requirements.


Products Wine

Cadalpe is renowned for equipment dedicated to wine making over the entire cycle of vinification, refrigeration, filtration, storage, stabilization, concentration and pasteurization up to the start of the bottling line. Its equipment is installed in all the best wineries and facilities, not only in Italy but also in Europe and the rest of the world. We do not just produce machines; we speak to and interact with users, employing our vast experience and the right technologies to achieve the desired results every time. Visit brand website

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