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WWS Self Cleaning Filters

WWS Self Cleaning Filters

• Self-cleaning wedgewire filters with motor-driven rotating screens, 
   suitable for separation of suspensions and continuous removal of
• Filtration with most liquids, filtering from 35 micron to 3 mm aperture.
• Available with automatic purge system.


Range of Applications


  • The Wedge Wire Strainer Filter is a versatile, self cleaning filter for fluid media with a minimum of maintenance.
  • The robust Self Cleaning Wedge Wire filter with its motor-driven cleaning device suitable for the separation of suspensions as well as the continuous separation of solid particles from liquids whose viscosity's may range from water-thin to pasty.
  • Offers a wide range of application possibilities throughout the entire processing industry




  • The liquid flows from the outside to the inside of the wedge wire screen and leaves the filter housing through the higher placed exit.
  • Between lower placed entrance and the upper exit a seal is placed, limiting any cross contamination between lower (dirt) part and upper (clean) part.
  • Dirt and particles are retained on the outside of the screen and are continuously removed from the filter element with a flexible scraper blade.
  • The dirt is directed to the sump by a laminar flow in the filter and collected in the bottom part of the filter housing.
  • This collection chamber may be purged either manually or automatically through a valve.
  • An automatic purge system can be set up including an actuator and a time controller or pressure differential initiated valves.
  • The installation of a manual by pass function is advised.
  • Liquid losses are limited.
  • Clogging of the filter is almost impossible, because of the special construction of the wedge shaped filter element wires.