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Brand: Bolondi (Jet Cleaning Heads)

Barrel Cleaners (barrel blasters)

Barrel Cleaners (barrel blasters)

This water driven unit has proved to be a low maintenance and cost effective solution for barrel cleaning - built to take the knocks that come in a winery environment. Available as head only or as a trolley mounted unit.

Bolondi XB 031 head specifications


  • Material:             316 Stainless Steel
  • Operating Pressure:            5 – 150 Bar (for wine barrel cleaning the maximum recommended water baster setting is 100 Bar)
  • Max operating temperature 90C
  • Flow:                   The standard unit requires a water blaster capable of approx. 17 LPM – Lower flow heads are available as well
  • Nozzles:              4  (2 nozzle units also available)
  • Materials:                   Seals PTFE and carbon fibre, NBR Orings, body 316 stainless steel.
  • Weight:                4.6kg (head only)
  • Complete cycle time:  approx. 1.1 Min (3mmin 30 sec typical time to clean 1 x barrel)
  • 24 rotations per minute, 25 rotations to for complete cycle

Download the Bolondi XB 031 manual and informaiton specific to cleaning wine barrels below.


Download Bolondi barrel celaner drawing and specificationDownload Bolondi Maintenance and Operational ManualDownload Bolondi guidance on wine barrel cleaning